Merry Christmas

Christmas 2012 This is the fastest I’ve posted something in a while, which can happen when your guests are gone, and your husbear is napping on the couch. Merry Christmas.

Christmas at Chez Nous featured my mom & a friend of hers, my sister, and Daniel B. and his kiddos. We had a bunch of nibbles, going for a brunchy type thing. Food, food, lots of food. Last night Albany John and I went to my mom’s for a prime rib roast, which was fantastically rare – her best one yet. So brunch was a nice “light” little dish.

I made some veggie hand rolls because Albany John wanted sushi. Some simmered portobello mushrooms (veggie stock + soy sauce + dash of rice vinegar & dry vermouth), avocado slices, and cucumber.


Daniel B. brought over a ton of goodies! A gigantic chocolate turtle from the Chocolate Gecko. DSCF5091 Sliced for sharing. Nom.DSCF5092 I nagged Albany John into making a carrot salad. I thought this would be good for my mom since she’s diabetic, but it turns out that carrots make her blood sugar spike. Dang, sorry ma. I thought my sister would be into this, since she’s back on the raw food diet again, but I don’t think she had any of it. It’s tough, I never really know what she’ll eat and what she won’t. Just when I feel like I have it figured out with her diet, something changes. I should probably just care less, but feeding people is very personal, and when people come over you want to make them something they can enjoy, and it’s weird to me when someone comes over and doesn’t eat anything, or only eats food they brought with them. I handed her an avocado and some dates (from the Co-Op, even!) to snack on, but she just put them in her bag. *sigh*
Any whoozle, back to the salad: Just shredded carrots, currants, and some lemon juice. Good roughage type of stuff. One of my favorite non-leafy salads. But not good for diabetics. Why didn’t I look that one up? Yarg.


Diabetic-friendly peppermint kisses. (Just egg white meringues with some peppermint schnapps in there, plus fake sugar in place of real sugar) I splooshed in a little too much of the peppermint schnapps and they are a little less glossy than I’d like. But super airy and they taste like cotton candy. The bottoms look a little burnt, but that’s just some of the food coloring. For some reason, that was sensitive to the heat, but oh whatever. DSCF5095 My mom made chicken tikka masala. Tasty! Although she tossed in some heat, so it had a spicy end to it.DSCF5098 Oh Daniel. My fantastic food friend. I am totally benefitting from his new don’t-eat-like-a-jerk diet, because he brought over the butter caramels he got from Eric Kayser while he was in Paris! These are delightful. As in, they fill me with delight (no calories, just delight).

Now, these are very different from the caramels Albany John has been making lately (let me tell you, it has been caramel season up in this house all December!). They taste way more earthy – you can really taste the individual components; specifically the butter & cream. So grassy! And such perfect little morsels to pop in your mouth.

My friend, thank you for bestowing these upon me.


Caramel-coated toasted hazelnuts from TC Bakery. There were also chocolate caramel macarons, which had a very short life. The dark balls are hard chocolate over hazelnuts, which are also some souvenirs from France. I love hazelnuts. So good.

I tried to make a low-GI dutch baby by using coconut flour in place of AP flour. It worked out pretty well. (8 eggs, beaten until they’re a bit frothy, 1/3 C coconut flour, 1/4 C corn starch, 1 C almond milk. Mix them up, toss in a 9″ X 13″ pan you’ve melted some butter in, then bake at 425F for ~20-25 minutes). Slather with maple syrup (grade B, thanks!)

DSCF5117This year we went light on the presents. What do you really need when you’ve got your family and friends around you? Well, Buttery Nipple shooters, according to my mom. Haha. This was one of Albany John’s presents.

My mom ended up getting me a SuperGirl costume, because over Thanksgiving we were looking at some magazine from the 80s, and it had a picture of SuperGirl pajamas in it, and I was like “OMG, I had that as a kid, and they were AWESOME. I would still totally wear that.” She couldn’t find any proper adult-sized pajamas, so she just bought me an adult SuperGirl costume. Oh my gosh. My mom is freaking hilarious sometimes. The large is fairly large and roomy on me, so they actually fit kind of like adult PJs. Either way, I am now armed with a cape!

She also got my cat a jingly bell collar & a santa hat. The cat hid shortly after people arrived, but now she is out, so if you’ll excuse me I have an animal to dress up.



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