Sciortino's meatballs

Went to Sciortino’s with Garnish Marketing for a quick snack. Meatballs were not too bad, if a bit more dense than my tastes tend to prefer. $5.95 – The plating made them seem a bit meager.

Sciortino's PizzaBBQ chicken pizza! $5 for a slice, which might sound like a lot, but this slice is gigantic! It hung off of the edges of the paper plate, and it comes sliced into six daintier squares, which makes for easier handling. The crust is thicker, but still quite poofy and soft while maintaining height.

Cash only, very friendly service. The interior seating is the same as it was when it was Miss Albany, and there are jugs of Carlo Rossi all over. My kinda place.

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  1. Jason said:

    I like this layout a lot better than the last. It has a cleaner feel to it. Although getting used to the sidebar on the left will take some time.

    I had Scioritino’s BBQ Chicken Pizza at Biergarten and it was delicious, perhaps helped out by my impaired judgment.

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