Taiwan Noodle


I was lucky to go out one with one of my favorite chosen families on Christmas for dinner at Taiwan Noodle. The FUSSYlittleCREW invited Albany John and me to join them at dinner, and I just couldn’t resist. It was one of the few restaurants on Central Ave that was open on Christmas, and was bustling with business.

4 adults & 2 kids = lots of food to order! Above are the wood ear & celery app that Albany John loves, and some seaweed knots with garlic.

DSCF5136 Har gow shrimp dumplings & fried wheat collar (AKA you tiao on dim sum menus). Little miss fussy wanted scallion pancakes, but they were so busy that they were out! This filled in nicely for something fried, wheaty, and crunchy. It was both her & my first time trying this dish! Really! My family didn’t really do a lot of fried foods from dim sum carts when I was growing up, coz you don’t know how long it has been sitting on the carts for. But these are made to order, so no worries of sogginess. DSCF5137 Har gow in AlbaTny. My Christmas dreams have been answered. Yum. DSCF5142

Three mushroom soup, some pork chops, and more dumplings. DSCF5140 Pan fried pork bunsDSCF5139 Pan fried dumplings. Taiwan NoodleI think we also got a few more soups, and this steamed rice dish with pork, black bean, and lop cheong. Yum!

Oh, Albany John also got their house-made cranberry tea, which was pretty refreshing and tart.


  1. Gray said:

    Thanks to you – I am loving this place. Much appreciated.

  2. Annette said:

    It looks like a very good meal. I have eaten, but this makes me want to have a snack before bed at least!
    I miss when I lived in a bigger city at times – there is nothing like this where I live now.

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